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Senior SEO Consultant/SEO Manager

ContractPermanent Job




Key Accountabilities

  1. 协助经理为客户制定并组织实施SEO优化策略方案;
  2. 研究、监控客户网站关键字,进行流量及行为分析,达到流量及转化指标;
  3. 组织管理外链策略,为客户获取高质量链接;
  4. 确保优化质量;
  5. 熟练使用Google Analytics、百度统计;并对项目进行数据分析,观察日常数据的有效性;
  6. 追踪SEO动态;分析和总结竞争对手的SEO方法;不断提高SEO效果;
  7. 根据分析数据撰写SEO报告及方案。
  8. 熟悉目前Baidu, 360, Google等主要搜索引擎的收录算法原理,熟悉影响关键词排名的主要因素。

Personal Specification

  1. 专科以上学历,专业不限,电子商务及计算机相关专业优先;
  2. 良好的英文听、说、读、写能力和表达能力,有外企经验优先;
  3. 具备3年以上较全面的SEO经验,有门户或大型B2C或B2B网站SEO经验优先;
  4. 了解百度和Google等主流搜索引擎;具有敏锐的观察力,能独立制定SEO方案,并有效的安排实施;
  5. 具有较强的web analytics分析能力,善于数据分析,熟练使用常用SEO工具;
  6. 熟练使用Excel、Powerpoint、Dreamweaver、等相关办公软件;
  7. 能持续关注搜索引擎的发展及动向;
  8. 自信大方;具备自主工作能力和良好的自学能力,有团队合作精神,能承受工作压力


  1. Site Audit, deliver customized SEO strategy and optimization solutions to meet customer needs;
  2. Experience in SEO Project management, roadmap setting and process control;
  3. Quick respond to the customer’s temporary needs, communicate and coordinate with customers and third parties to ensure the SEO projects running smoothly;
  4. Adjust optimization strategies based on project status;
  5. Deliver monthly report.


  1. Minimum 3 year SEO related work experience
  2. Bachelor degree and above, computer science, mathematics, statistics related preferred;
  3. Basic English communication skill, CET-4 and above;
  4. At least familiar with one website analysis tool such as Google Analytics, Omniture, etc, data-driven insights and optimization recommendations;
  5. Familiar with search engines ranking mechanism and optimization principle, be familiar with various SEO tools;
  6. HTML, CSS code proficiency, familiar with JavaScript code is preferred;
  7. Adept at MS Office, especially Excel and PPT;
  8. Diligent, energetic self-starters with good communication skills;
  9. SEO copywriting skill is a plus.