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  • Posted on 15 March 2018

NetBooster Asia joins Artefact to strengthen its regional footprint

NetBooster Asia, a leading Chinese performance-driven digital marketing independent agency, today announces its merger with Artefact, an international digital marketing agency based on Data and AI.

Two recognized digital marketing players join forces

Artefact is the first global agency focused on providing strategic digital marketing consultancy based on Data and Artificial Intelligence. Recognized in the digital marketing industry and relying on nearly 1,000 experts in 25 offices spread across 17 countries around the world, the agency is the trusted partner of international brands such as AccorHotels, Europcar, Euromaster, Samsung, Orange, Carrefour, Emirates and Deutsche Telekom. Already present in Malaysia, Australia, Hong-Kong and Singapore, Artefact reinforces its local presence in Asia with this alliance.

NetBooster Asia, alongside its programmatic arm 8matic, is recognized for its digital expertise at the crossroads of consulting, media activation and creation. Founded in 2010 by Pascal Duriez and Joe Chan Kue, both companies have a presence in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Seoul serving clients including Pernod Ricard, DFS, Dior, Hugo Boss, Finnair, Bic, English First, RedBull, Merck, Club Med, Cebu Pacific Air and Huawei. With nearly 80 employees, NetBooster Asia adds to Artefact’s teams, which today gather more than a hundred experts in Asia. Both NetBooster Asia and Artefact enjoy strong recognition with international advertisers operating in Asia.

Wei Phung – Managing Director, Performance Marketing APAC; Pascal Duriez – CEO APAC; Jocelyn Kue – Managing Director, North East Asia (from left to right)

To maximize the benefits of this alliance, NetBooster Asia will adopt Artefact’s brand and visual identity. The company will also be able to offer its clients Artefact’s complete business offering, especially in the areas of Consulting, Data Science and AI. Combined with NetBooster Asia’s expertise in Performance Marketing, Media and Creative, the merger will further strengthen the agency’s positioning as the ideal end-to-end digital agency partner for companies both in China and the regional markets it now covers.

New technological expertise, strong potential to support Western customers

With NetBooster Asia, Artefact will benefit from an advanced knowledge of the Asian technological ecosystem thanks to strong partnerships established with the BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) in terms of inventory, data, tracking and media activation. Armed with this expertise, Artefact will be able to generate significant commercial synergies with its international network and be able to strengthen its capabilities for its European customers in the Asia Pacific region.

Guillaume de Roquemaurel, CEO of Artefact Group, said: “Today, China is one of the most advanced countries in terms of exploiting the innovations offered by digital technology. In 2016, online sales exceeded 700 billion euros in turnover and the country is now the world leader in e-commerce. Artefact is now established in the market and able to offer complete services to local and international advertisers while proposing a global support on all the new needs in Consulting, Data Science and AI. The major Asian brands well established on their continent of origin have already begun to conquer Western markets, a trend that will only accelerate in the coming years. Artefact now possess every asset to take advantage of this considerable growth potential.”

Pascal Duriez, CEO of Artefact APAC, comments: “I am particularly pleased to be part of this new adventure. The combination of our expertise and the extension of our influence on markets undergoing acceleration opens up considerable potential for development and growth. We have already been able to measure on joint campaigns the strength of this alliance. When you share the same culture on Data, Media and Creativity, adding a deep understanding of the Chinese and APAC markets makes a lot of difference. We are now in working order to go faster and further across all APAC markets”



About Artefact | www.artefact.com

Artefact is a digital agency built on the perfect and long overdue marriage between marketers and engineers. Artefact’s mission is to reinvent the customer experience through new technologies, digital, data and AI. The company has offices across 17 countries, with 1000+ employees delivering three service offers: Data Consulting, Digital Marketing Expertise and Technology Development. Artefact was elected the most innovative agency of 2017.

Artefact works with the largest global brands: over 600 clients, including 100+ blue chip clients such as AccorHotels, Samsung, Orange, Carrefour, Emirates and Deutsche Telekom who rely on the agency’s disruptive marketing approach. Artefact has sustained a steady growth rate since its creation in 1998, and had operate a strategic move towards data and AI in 2017 merging digital expertise and data capabilities. Listed on the Alternext Paris Stock Exchange, Artefact is the largest independent international digital agency.


About NetBooster Asia | www.netboosterasia.cn  

NetBooster Asia is a leading integrated performance digital marketing agency focusing on consumer-centric media and data-driven activation campaigns that deliver sales, leads and engagement. We have a full in-house teams of SEM, SEO, Web Analytics, Programmatic Display, Social Media, E-Commerce, Creative, Insights & Strategic Planning.

8matic is a sister company of NetBooster Asia and China’s leading independent programmatic trading desk. We help brands to leverage China’s vast but fragmented ad-tech and data ecosystem to develop and execute best-in-class programmatic media strategies. Together with NetBooster Asia, we execute consumer centric campaigns achieving both brand and performance KPI’s in an integrated approach. Our vision is to become the most desired digital agency mixing creative and performances.



Pascal Duriez – CEO APAC, pduriez@netbooster.com

Wei Phung – Managing Director, Performance Marketing APAC, wphung@netbooster.com

Jocelyn Kue – Managing Director, North East Asia, jkue@netbooster.com

Elena Mirandola – Managing Director, South East Asia, elena.mirandola@artefact.com

Serene Tan – Managing Director, China, stan@netbooster.com


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NetBooster Asia与Artefact完成并购,致力于加强区域布局

在中国市场领先的独立数字营销公司 NetBooster Asia今日宣布与专注于数据和人工智能的国际数字营销公司Artefact完成并购。



Artefact是全球第一家基于数据和人工智能提供数字营销策略咨询服务的公司。Artefact在全球17个国家设有25个办公室,拥有近1000名专家,得到数字市场的广泛认可,并成为包括AccorHotels、Europcar、Euromaster、Samsung、Orange、Carrefour、Emirates和Deutsche Telekom在内的诸多国际品牌的信任伙伴。在亚太地区,Artefact目前已进驻马来西亚、澳大利亚、香港和新加坡,并将通过此次合并进一步加强在亚州的影响力。

NetBooster Asia及其程序化助手8matic是数字营销咨询、媒介与创意领域的专家,由Pascal Duriez 和Joe Chan Kue在2010年创立,目前在上海、香港和首尔设有办公室,服务客户包括Pernod Ricard、DFS、Dior、Finnair、Bic、English First、RedBull、Merck、Club Med、Cebu Pacific Air和Huawei。NetBooster Asia拥有近80名员工,通过携手Artefact,两家公司将在亚洲市场拥有超过100名数字营销领域的专家。两家公司均在亚洲市场获得了国际广告主的一致认可。

此次并购后,NetBooster Asia将使用Artefact的品牌标志和品牌形象,并且能够向客户推广Artefact的商业业务,尤其在咨询、数据科技和人工智能方面。结合本身在效果营销、媒介和创意的专业优势,NetBooster Asia将通过合并进一步实现目标,成为中国市场和其它现覆盖市场区域理想的端到端数字营销合作伙伴。

Artefact集团绩效营销亚太区董事总经理Wei Phung, Artefact集团亚太区CEO Pascal Duriez,Artefact集团东北亚董事总经理Jocelyn Kue(从左至右)



得益于NetBooster Asia与BAT(百度、阿里巴巴与腾讯)在库存管理、数据分析与追踪及媒介激活等相关方面达成的合作伙伴关系,Artefact将从亚洲的技术生态系统中获益。这些技术能够支撑Artefact的全球网络激发更大的商业效益,为欧洲客户在亚太市场提供更多服务可能性。

Artefact集团CEO Guillaume de Roquemaurel表示:“今日的中国是在开发数字技术与创新最为领先的国家之一。2016年,中国的线上销售营业额超过7000亿欧元,成为电子商务的全球领导者。通过调整结构,Artefact将在这个领域为本土和国际广告主提供完整的服务,并基于广告主的需求在咨询、数据科技和人工智能方面提供全球范围的支持与服务。在本土市场已经站稳脚跟的亚洲品牌已经瞄准西方市场,这个趋势在未来几年内必将进一步加速。Artefact现在具备一切,来抓住这一增长趋势的发展机遇。”

 Artefact集团亚太区CEO Pascal Duriez表示:“我非常高兴能够见证这一全新冒险的开启。能够结合我们在数字营销领域的专长,将影响力延伸到各个正在经历快速增长的市场,可以提供新的发展与增长机遇。我们已经可以预见这一强强联合将带来的力量。两家公司在数据、媒介和创意上有共同的文化,再加上对于中国和亚太市场的深入了解,这将大有可为。现在开始,我们将着眼于加速与拓展整个亚太地区的业务。”


关于Artefact集团 | www.artefact.com

Artefact 是一家依托市场营销专家与工程师联姻的数字营销公司。Artefact旨在通过全新数字科技、数据与人工智能重塑客户体验。目前,Artefact在全球17个国家设有办公室,超过1000名员工为客户提供数据咨询、专业数字营销和技术发展服务。Artefact被选为2017年最具创新力公司。

Artefact为全球知名品牌提供市场营销服务,拥有超过600个客户,其中100多个为优质客户,包括AccorHotels、Samsung、Orange、Carrefour、Emirates和Deutsche Telekom。自1998年创立以来,Artefact保持稳步增长,并于2017年通过公司并购。作为巴黎Alternext创业板上市公司,Artefact是全球最大的独立国际营销公司。


关于 NetBooster Asia | www.netboosterasia.cn 

NetBooster Asia是中国领先的独立数字营销公司,专精于消费者中心导向的媒体策略,通过基于数据驱动的营销活动,为客户带来销售提升、提升品牌认知度与参与度。主营业务包括SEM,SEO,网站分析,程序化展示,社交媒体,电子商务,创意策略,市场洞察与战略咨询。

8matic 是NetBooster Asia的兄弟公司,是中国领先的独立程序化交易平台。8matic帮助品牌统筹中国庞大而零散的广告技术和数据生态系统,开展和制定一流的程序化媒体策略。与 NetBooster Asia一起,以消费者中心导向为前提,我们通过整合方案帮助客户实现品牌宣传以及绩效考核。我们的愿景是成为提供营销创意及效果最理想的数字营销公司。



Pascal Duriez – CEO APAC, pduriez@netbooster.com

Wei Phung – Managing Director, Performance Marketing APAC, wphung@netbooster.com

Jocelyn Kue – Managing Director, North East Asia, jkue@netbooster.com

Elena Mirandola – Managing Director, South East Asia, elena.mirandola@artefact.com

Serene Tan – Managing Director, China, stan@netbooster.com





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