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Influence marketing – Influencer Program

What is Influence Marketing?

For most of marketers, influence marketing is considered an essential channel of online media to connect the brand with the influencers, like celebrities, bloggers, etc. Creating a relevant pool with relevant KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders), and maintaining this pool are always expensive and hard to measure the real performance brought by the influencers.

NetBooster Asia will redefine your “brand influencers” with a ROI point of view, set up an influencer program to reach and develop your influencer pool in a natural way. In Asian culture, especially in Chinese culture, purchase decisions are highly influenced by the opinions of families and friends. 80% contents created within Chinese social media platforms are coming from 6% of social media users. They always have their own fans, they’d love to share their stories, their experiences in specific BBS forums regularly. They are often the experts on some specific areas, thus they always give advices to their friends and families. We have our own process to identify, screen, recruit and activate your own influencers among the 6%. These influencers and the friends of the influencers will then help you to earn your social WOM (world of month) presence naturally and influence their purchase intentions eventually.


Who are Influencers?

  • They generate the most authentic conversations about your brand
  • They show off their love of the brand
  • They are real and unpaid people who are much more connected, trustworthy, informed & more passionate to share opinions than others
  • Unlike paid media, their recommendations are trusted

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