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Online distribution channels strategy

Want to enter Chinese E-commerce market?

Until 2015, China has been the biggest E-commerce market in the world, and over 70% consumers purchase via mobile phone. The estimated total E-commerce sales number in 2015 will reach 562,6 billion $, and it is continuing increasing with 2-3 times higher than the GDP annual rate in China. Within the last fast growing decade of B2C Ecommerce market, Chinese E-commerce has developed a special ecosystem. Different with western E-commerce landscape, only Tmall contributes 58.6% of total market sales, following by JD & Suning.

If you are a traditional brand or a new brand to the market, will it be the best choice to open a flagship store in Tmall? Or to occupy all the market places is a wise strategic decision to win the online market?

NetBooster Asia, Tmall International Official Partner, will provide you an integrated online distribution channels strategy in China.

We will first position your product or service according to your target segmentation, collect your brand related competition data in the e-commerce market and analysis your consumer’s behavior in different platforms. Besides, your competitors strategies and their weakness will also be assessed. Based on our analysis conclusion, you will be able to have a clear strategic overview of the e-commerce market in your industry, then our suggestions will help you to decide your next move: stand-alone website? Or market place? Or both?

Another core competence service we propose to our client is “Ecommerce Integrated Strategy”, it will include your pricing strategy, promotion strategy, distribution strategy and your product strategy across different market places. This ecommerce strategy integration will not only allow you to integrate your data from WMS (Warehouse Management System), OMS (Operations Management System), but also CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System. Our data analysis and Ecommerce consultants will work together to dig out the useful insights, then execute into creative, content, operation and campaigns, in order to offer you a ROI driven e-commerce strategy.

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