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Programmatic Buying | RTB (Real Time Bidding)

Digital media buying in China presents unique challenges to marketers. Lack of buying transparency, massive amounts of fraud traffic and lack of optimization result in wasted budgets and wasted opportunity. Programmatic media buying is the next evolution of traditional digital buying, allowing marketers to leverage the digital advertising market in China by automating media buys. Now, marketers can do more with less.

With RTB, brands can choose which banner they want to buy and optimise their campaigns with super-precise criteria – according to their acquisition cost objectives, or to their visibility on refined targets. For each banner, you propose a purchasing price. The advertising banner is bought in real time at the best price when the user’s browser is calling the page. Adexchanges is a technology allowing each client to optimise its campaigns by purchasing them by auction according to predefined criteria (generally at the acquisition cost). It allows you to directly buy a qualified audience.

Instead of targeting a large population, RTB banners are only displayed to identify internet users: either due to the website they are watching and its transformation history, or from an external data which considerably raise the conversion rate. It is now possible to display a banner just for internet users who have searched for a precise destination on a travelling website, or who are looking for a car or a mobile phone operator, etc.

NetBooster Asia is working closely with the editors to optimize the available inventories. We have privileged agreements with data suppliers, which allow us to precisely target very specific populations. We are able to build adequate population segments that we will target exclusively with custom-made and coherent banners.

  1. Strategy: We’ve learnt how to execute a thorough branding market research in the past few years, how to establish your target market and your target audience, choose the appropriate channel to reach your segmentation, meaning that our service of Programmatic Buying will make sure your campaign quality, eliminate the fraud traffic;
  2. Production: we provide one-stop online production, from ads creative, landing page design, 3rd party tracking, to technical set up (media tracking, creative tagging, A/B testing), to drive maximum performance and allow deeper consumer behavior insights with a flawless eco-system.
  3. Buying: we only buy the most relevant media inventory for you with the open or private marketplaces. By using brand safety tools and media whitelists, our media buying will always be safe and appropriate to your target audience with the lowest cost.
  4. Data: Throughout your campaign, we’ll collect the most relevant data, using it to provide insight into your audience’s behavior. Because data privacy is at the core of everything we do, any data we collect on your behalf will be used only with your approval, and ironclad steps are taken to ensure that no data is leaked. For every campaign, a private DMP (data management platform) will be built to properly store and manage data, and to make it portable enough to use with any DSP.

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