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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is a digital marketing method based on search engines. As search engines have become one of the most important start pages of users, SEO has become a fundamental digital marketing channel for companies with stable achievements and high return on investment. For new brand, SEO is an efficient channel to improve brand awareness and brand revenue. For mature brand, SEO is an important channel to protect brand reputation and maintain branding revenue.

NetBooster Asia, based in Shanghai China, starting as SEO agency in Asian market, has been operating Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for more than 8 years. Expert in providing SEO service and SEO training to more than 100 clients, NetBooster Asia is specialized in Chinese market for all the major search engines, like Baidu, 360(Qihu), Sougou. By using Baidu Webmaster tool and other local SEO tools, we’ve helped our clients to achieve their goals within the following service:

  • Keyword Research & SEO Strategy

We offer our clients access to enterprise level SEO reporting technology which provides an integrated view of your market share, search visibility, analytics data, content level reporting and link/social metrics. This allows us to focus on actionable insights and drive strategic initiatives for our clients. The NetBooster natural search team has many years of experience in dealing with large enterprise level SEO projects and can provide technical SEO strategies that deliver results.

  • Link Building

Especially in Chinese Search Engines, your website need to build up a strong link exchanging network. NetBooster natural search team will provide you linking building and link acquisition plan according to your products/service and industry to create high quality and closely related links.

  • Content Strategy & Production

High quality, valuable content which is aligned with customer behaviour is crucial to both your brand and natural search campaign. NetBooster works closely with clients to create a content strategy that builds customer-focused content to support conversion, engagement and brand awareness.

  • Brand Reputation and ePR Management

Based on Chinese specific search engine eco-environment, we can monitor your PR releases and maximize your ePR articles’ visibilities in different platforms. This ePR optimization can well control the right message to your audience, thus your brand image will be protected.

  • Mobile SEO

Since Chinese mobile internet users have exceeded the PC users since 2015, Mobile Search Engine Optimisation is inevitable for Chinese companies. According to mobile site’s html code specific usability and its loading speed, we adapt our SEO strategy to Chinese main search engines (Baidu, 360, Qihu, Sougou) algorithms, in order to improve mobile keywords search rankings.

  • SEO Training

Provide SEO training to your website operational, technical and copywriting team to improve your in-house SEO understanding and skills. SEO training can also be strategic approach for managerial team to manage the portfolio service in SEO.




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