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Social Media Marketing

At NetBooster we do Social Media the performance-driven way. We craft you a Social Media strategy based on real consumer insights and your marketing needs, we execute them, and we drive measurable results aligned with your overall digital marketing ecosystem.

We are proud to help our clients interact daily with millions of fans. In asia, Wechat Marketing, Weibo Marketing, UGC Marketing(User Generated Content, like Baidu baike, Baidu Zhidao) and WOM marketing are our main ways. Our team will utilize different Social media campaigns to help clients interact with their consumer and user.

NetBooster Asia’s Social Media team will always be a part with client, from Wechat development to Wechat  Application to social media campaign on account of enterprise information and requirements. And also, our team will formulate B2B social media campaign and Weibo application for client exclusively, then to operate that.

Certainly,we use Public Opinion Monitoring to improve WOM of client, ePR, KOL and BBS content seeding are also the nice method for us to improve WOM on the internet and achieve the goals of Social Media marketing.

With hundreds of Social Media platforms in China, thousands of brands competing for customer’s attention, and millions of voices of customers sharing their brand experiences online, the key is for us to give you a strategic media selection/mix to focus on your campaign with targeted results.

Our service:

We have years of expertise in managing brand-owned media platforms like Wechat, Weibo and Youku, as well as driving engaging content and creating WOM through Key Opinion Leaders (KOL), ePR, User Generated Contents (UGC) sites content push on Baidu Zhidao, Baike, Tieba, and other BBS / Forum / Review sites relevant to your industry and visited by your target customers.

Social Media is not a pure acquisition channel. Just like Email Marketing its power is to help with loyalty and reactivation of customers. Social Media is a crucial part of how we interact, communicate and promote information to our fans and customers. Additionally Social Marketing offers a vast amount of data that is key to a successful data and CRM strategy.

 Talk to our Social Media Experts on how to tie in Social into your digital strategy now!

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