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UX Design (User Experience)

Nowadays internet users spend more and more time searching for products and services, and comparing them online. The experience you offer them on your website or application is a real conversion factor. We put users at the heart of your strategy to offer them not only the most efficient journey, but also an unforgettable brand experience.

NetBooster methodology for UX Design (User Experience Design) is tailored to improve and to achieve client business objectives using their available online assets (website, landing page, mobile site).

Our UX Design services include: 

  1. Collecting information about the client site problem
    • Understanding of your client target audience, process and products before design phase.
    • Reviewing existing available data (analytics and AB testing results if any).
    • Collecting interview in order to familiarize with the target user base and demand.
  2. Getting ready to design/ re-design
    • Via multi-variate testing tool like Optimizely (is the CTA button visible enough to capture audience? is the lead form working properly? Is the colour of the button attractive enough to attract site actions?)
    • Designing new prototype with a basic design from the data collected from the problem
  3. Design- Refining of basic prototype with the visual designers
  4. Continuous testing

Our outputs for user experience are mostly the following:

  1. Site Audit
  2. Flows and Navigation
  3. User Stories and Scenarios
  4. Site Map and Content Inventory ((match all the SEO target keywords, SEM landing page needs)
  5. Wireframes or Prototypes
  6. Written specifications (to describe the button actions, behaviours or design) for developer use
  7. Graphic mockups including visual design (following brand guidelines)

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